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'''6/6/21 Jason Walls - Repentance'''''

'''5/30/21 Jay Heckman - Power of Words'''''

'''NOTES Power of Words'''''

'''5/23/21 Jim Swihart - Come Expecting 4'''''

'''NOTES Come Expecting 4'''''

'''5/16/21 Art Good - Postured into Repentence'''''

'''NOTES Postured into Repentance'''''

'''5/9/21 Dawn & Sandi - Fashionable Christian Woman'''''

'''NOTES Fashionable Christian Woman'''''

'''5/2/21 Jim Swihart - Come Expecting 3'''''

'''NOTES Come Expecting 3'''''

'''4/25/21 Jim Swihart - Come Expecting 2'''''

'''NOTES Come Expecting 2'''''

'''4/18/21 Jay Heckman - Love Your Enemies'''''

'''4/11/21 Jim Swihart - Come Expecting'''''

'''NOTES Come Expecting'''''

'''4/4/21 Jim Swihart - Come and See'''''

'''NOTES Come and See'''''

'''3/28/21 Jay Heckman'''''

'''NOTES Jay'''''

'''3/21/21 Jim Swihart - Come Together 3'''''

'''NOTES Come Together 3'''''

'''3/14/21 Jim Swihart - Come Together 2'''''

'''NOTES Come Together 2'''''

'''3/7/21 Maranatha Ihekoronye - The Right Hand of God'''''

'''NOTES The Right Hand of God'''''

'''2/28/21 Jim Swihart - Come Together'''''

'''NOTES Come Together'''''

'''2/21/21 Jim Swihart - Come Abide 2'''''

'''NOTES Come Abide 2'''''

'''2/14/21 Jim & Dawn Swihart - Happily Ever After'''''

'''NOTES Happily Ever After'''''

'''NOTES Come Abide'''''

'''1/24/21 Jim Swihart - Come Close'''''

'''NOTES Come Close'''''

'''1/17/21 Jim Swihart - Come & Listen'''''

'''NOTES Come & Listen'''''

'''1/10/21 Jim Swihart - LIFE'''''

'''NOTES LIFE'''''

'''1/3/21 Jim Swihart - Crisis & Life'''''

'''NOTES Crisis &Life'''''