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'''11/25/18 Jim Swihart - Encourage'''''

'''NOTES Encourage'''''

'''11/18/18 Jim Swihart - Treasure'''''

'''NOTES Treasures'''''

'''11/11/18 Jim Swihart - Nigeria 2018'''''

'''NOTES Nigeria 2018'''''

'''11/4/18 Tim Worline - Kedoshim'''''

'''10/28/18 Jim Swihart - Unity, Know or NO Selfless'''''

'''NOTES Unity, Know or NO Selfless'''''

'''10/21/18 Jim Swihart - United or Untied'''''

'''NOTES United or Untied'''''

'''10/14/18 Jay Heckman - Rally Together'''''

'''NOTES Rally Together'''''

'''9/30/18 Tim Worline - The Feast of Booths'''''

'''9/23/18 Jim Swihart - Dedication or Giving Back'''''

'''NOTES Dedication or Giving Back'''''

'''9/16/18 Jim Swihart - Devoted To Fellowship, Part 2'''''

'''NOTES Devoted To Fellowship, Part 2'''''

'''9/9/18 Jim Swihart - 10 Attributes of Fellowship'''''

'''NOTES 10 Attributes of Fellowship'''''

'''9/2/18 Jim Swihart - Devoted To Fellowship'''''

'''NOTES Devoted To Fellowship'''''

'''8/26/18 Jim Swihart - Devoted To'''''

'''NOTES Devoted To'''''

'''8/19/18 Jim Swihart - Celebrating Community'''''

'''NOTES Celebrating Community'''''

'''8/12/18 Madison Heckman - Already Gone'''''

'''NOTES Already Gone'''''

'''8/5/18 Tim Worline - Jude'''''