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Kalida, Ohio 45853

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Facilities usage Policy:

We know from scripture that the church is not a building but rather people, those who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. So then the building is not the church but where the church meets.

We are very thankful for the building we have to assemble in and corporately worship God through prayer, reading of the scripture, and music. Likewise we worship God in many other aspects of our life as we celebrate marriage, births, family, and eternal life.

We are happy to make the facilities at Kalida Family Outreach Center available for special events while at the same time ensuring that we are being good stewards of our resources. To this end we have drafted the following policy for those who wish to make use of the building.

At this time, Ken Wehri will be coordinating special events. Please contact Ken if you wish to schedule an event in the KFOC facilities. Please discuss any special setup needs with the coordinator. Special events will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis so please plan ahead because generally only one special event may be scheduled per day.

If you require use of the sound equipment, you must schedule one of our sound technicians to operate the sound system for you.

There should be no alcohol on the KFOC property and no smoking in the building.

The following fees will be charged for use of the building. (Note: Those who regularly attend services at KFOC will not be charged the use fee, but will be charged the cleaning fee)

These fees are due prior to your scheduled event.

*Note: A security deposit of $100 will be required. This will be refunded to you after an inspection of the facility if no damage is found. If additional cleaning is required it will be taken out of the deposit at a rate of $12.50/hour. A minimum $25 fee will be required for all Saturday evening building use.

*Note: There will be no fees charged for qualifying community related events. A community event application must be filled out in order to have the waving of the above fees approved prior to the scheduled event.